QuickBooks Error C=1

Quickbooks File Repair --C=1 Error

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Quickbooks Errors and Issues:C=1 Error
Error: Possible Error: Outdated Wininet.dll file
Error:C=1 accessing Web Connection Setup

Description: This issue can be due to an outdated type of the WININET.dll file on your pc. The type of this .dll file should match or be higher than your Microsoft web browser version in order for Wininet (a Microsoft Windows programming interface that provides web browser functionality) to the office successfully. To eliminate this To determine which type of web browser you are running, choose About Internet Explorer through the Internet Explorer Help menu. To solve QuickBooks Error C=1 Contact QuickBooks tech support.


QuickBooks Error C=1

In accordance with Intuit, Error C=1 can happen when attempting to access the net Connection Setup. This can be function regarding the Help->Internet Connection Setup menu selection to configure your web connection.

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QuickBooks Premier 2009 Web Connection Setup
It’s due to an outdated version of wininet.dll, a Microsoft Windows component. The solution is always to either update this file, re-register it, or re-install Windows Internet Explorer.

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