QuickBooks Error Code C=343

Simple tips to Fix the Error Code C = 343

For resolving this error you'll want to run the Rebuild Data utility in QuickBooks. In QuickBooks 2004 and 2005 release this utility can be run minus the company file first being open.

Troubleshooting QuickBooks Error Code C=343


Scan the body for viruses. If you are in a position to open other data files: rebuild your organization data file without opening it. If you continue steadily to have the error after completing these steps, you need to restore a backup of the company file. In Microsoft® Windows XP users should verify compatibility settings. QuickBooks is a good asset to meet accounting and bookkeeping needs of different businesses. However, To solve QuickBooks Error Code C=343 Contact QuickBooks tech support.

The Rebuild Data Utility repairs transaction and list the damage in your business file, nevertheless it is restricted to damage it is programmed to fix.

Proceed with the way of QB Rebuild Data Utility under following circumstances:
if you encounter a mistake message suggesting you Rebuild your data file.
Verify Data process ends with a data damage message.
QuickBooks In Product Help or a knowledge base article suggests you Rebuild your pc data.
QuickBooks Support Executive recommends that you run it.
Forms or reports display incorrectly.
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Solution 1:

You must open a QuickBooks sample company file:
From the keyboard, whilst you open QuickBooks, press and keep the Ctrl key.
If the no enterprise Open window appears, Release the Ctrl key.
Check out second step, in case error occurs ahead of the No Company Open window appears.
Once you look at the no business Open window, Click Open a good example file and choose any one of several sample files in the list.
your business file could be damaged, In the event that sample company file opens without displaying the error.
Refer to “Verifying and rebuilding QuickBooks company data” or restore your organization file from a backup.
proceed with steps 2, in case error takes place when opening the sample company file and 3 to disable Windows compatibility mode.Disable the Windows compatibility mode setting for the QuickBooks desktop shortcut icon:
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On the Windows desktop, Right-click the QuickBooks shortcut icon and then click on Properties.
You need to have the Compatibility tab.
Clear the checkbox Run this system in compatibility mode for and then click on OK. Click Cancel and go to step three, if it checkbox is certainly not selected.
Disable the Windows compatibility mode setting for the QBW32.EXE file:
On the Windows desktop, Right-click the QuickBooks icon and select properties.
Click on the Shortcut tab and to open the QuickBooks installation folder, click Find Target.
Right-click QBW32.EXE and then click on Properties.
You ought to click on the Compatibility tab.
Clear the checkbox Run this method in compatibility mode for and then click OK.
Click Cancel, If that checkbox is unquestionably not selected.
You must Close the Windows Explorer window therefore the QuickBooks desktop shortcut properties window.
You have to Open QuickBooks as well as your company file.

Solution 2:

Disabling the Windows compatibility mode:

For Quickbooks

Firstly open your personal computer and go directly to the start button.
Therefore go through the Quickbooks icon the windows desktop.
Find the properties option.
Furthermore, feel the compatibility tab.
As well as this check the compatibility mode towards the run this system.
Now go through the ok button.
Therefore go through the cancel button in case checkboxes are not selected.
For QBW32.EXE file

Firstly have the Quickbooks icon regarding the desktop.
Choose the properties option.
Therefore have the shortcut tab.
Furthermore, click on the Find Target solution to open the Quickbooks installation folder.
Again click on the QBW32.EXE file.
Again pick the properties option.
Therefore go through the compatibility tab.
Try to find the boxes in to the compatibility mode for the run this system option.
Therefore click the ok button.
Click on the cancel button in case checkboxes are not selected.
Lastly, close the Quickbooks desktop window.
Now open the Quickbooks as well as the company file again.
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