QuickBooks Error 6143

How exactly to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6143?

QuickBooks Error 6143 is just one most common error faced by the users when they attempt to open the company files. Because of several possible mistakes done by you technically, you confront such an error code which is required to have much proficiency to tackle the problem. So, I wish to suggest dozens of helpless candidates that are experiencing the error but unfortunately can’t fix it by their very own, that walk through the post from top-to-toe and use the provided guidelines. This way, you will effortlessly be annihilated the QuickBooks Error 6143 in just a second. Just in case, you are receiving failed can take QuickBooks Online Help from well-qualified techies. These are typically talented and much experienced, so you would be directed by them properly to cope-up the error code.

Reasoned explanations why You Face QuickBooks Error Code 6143

Due to damaged Windows system files, the error code 6143 appears
Whenever you update banking account information in QuickBooks, then such an error arises
Installed security software and Firewall can lead to the Error Code 6143 in QuickBooksas the application stops other program to function for security purpose
An incomplete installing of QuickBooks can also be the one reason of QuickBooks Error 6143
Presence of corrupted entries in the Windows system files

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Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error 6143

You will find different solutions you can try to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6143. You may be recommended to glimpse regarding the given guidelines and follow every one of them separately. Let’s start:

Solution 1: Open A Sample Company File Installed in Your Personal Computer

Make sure when there is an issue utilizing the company file or even the QuickBooks application by running a sample company file. Just in case the sample company file does not open and shows the error, then it's confirmed that QuickBooks installation is damaged. It is necessary to repair immediately. Proceed with the points beneath to fix:

Beneath the No Company Open window find the “Sample Company File” option
Select from the list of sample company files
In the event that sample file opens, then give a go to open the file in the local workstation. If the sample file throws exactly the same error message, then repair the QuickBooks installation now

Solution 2: Open the organization Files Locally

With opening the company file locally, you will be checking whether there was an issue using the location of company file. Save the company file from the desktop and then make an effort to open it. If it opens, this means the place that the company file is stored is damaged. Therefore, further you need to create a new folder and move the file towards the new location and then after open the business file. If the error still persists, then may be the file is damaged. To repair it, go through the steps:

Launch the folder in which the company file is stored
Locate the .qbw extension file and place a right click about it
From the drop down menu, select “Copy” and then go directly to the desktop
Either Press “CTRL + V” or choose “Paste” to paste the file from the desktop
From then on, press the control key
Open QuickBooks and go to the no enterprise Open window
Click Open or restore an existing company file
At the conclusion, close all the QuickBooks processes

Solution 3: Close Entire QuickBooks Processes

First open your personal computer and login as a Windows Administrator
From then on press “Ctrl+Shift+Esc” keys simultaneously on the keyboard. Doing this will display the Task Manager
Select the Users tab to demonstrate processes for many users

If QuickBooks Error Code 6143 continues to be unsolved, then disable Antivirus Software for a specific time frame.

Solution 4: Configure Antivirus Software and Firewall Ports

If Antivirus Software installed in your workstation and Firewall programs block the QuickBooks programs or files to be accessing, you may confront QuickBooks Error Code 6143. What you should actually do in that condition is you will need to configure the Firewall ports and also to set up an exception to your anti-virus software.

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Call at Helpline Number to Take Instant QuickBooks Online Help

Don’t blow! If you yet not able to eliminate QuickBooks Error Code 6143 even though after performing the aforementioned instructions appropriately. We now have team of highly qualified technicians ready to cater all your needs. So, make an association together with them through helpline number and take QuickBooks Online Help for your QuickBooks error 6143 problem. It is sorted out soon, for sure.


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